Day 5: Mont Saint-Michel & St Malo

We drove through several small villages in the Northern part of France.  It’s amazing how little space there is between the very narrow roads and the buildings – often too close to take photos of the architecture.  Our bus driver was quite adept at navigating those narrow roads and cornering, although sometimes requiring some tricky back n fort moves to make it through.  Not once did he scrape the bus on anything!


We finally arrived at Mont Saint-Michel and spend about 3 hours there, including a tour provided by our tour director. The original top rock is safely protected in the Abbey.


Soon the road to Mont Saint-Michel will be taken out to allow the Channel currents to flow properly again.  Groups can walk on the sand “beach”, but only with a guide – we saw these kiddos out there enjoying barefooting.  Later we found them singing at the exit while waiting for the rest of their school to arrive – so cute!


We hopped back on the bus and headed to St Malo, where the tour director let us explore freely. Several went shopping, some explored the beach and water, and a couple of us decided to go and get a decent dinner since we knew we’d be eating at the hotel.

IMG_4670 IMG_4666

Little did we know that this hotel tucked away in the countryside would be very hospitable and cook a very nice dinner.  We had to apologize to them for not eating well because of our previous experiences.  Once we told her what we were served, she understood. 🙂


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