Oh Day Three – Loire Valley

I started a post for today on the bus while we were stuck due to flooded roads. But the hotel were staying at has lousy wifi and petiter that petite rooms, see for yourself – 

Two twin beds pushed together with a bathroom the size of a closet, a very small walk in closet!

Anyway, we had a wonderful time all morning traveling to Chartre to see the Cathedral – the villages have a very Swiss Chalet feel and are adorable. The first one I fell in love with is Beaver Village. Must look it up when I get free wifi –

Then a little more driving and we came across Linas. We didn’t go through, but look at this cool stone carved sculpture – 

Pictures are hard to snap through rain coated Windows. 

We went through a few more towns and arrived at Chartre. Amazing architecture, And relief work, not to mention stained glass and doors sized for hobbits-

We stayed for lunch and walked around the downtown touristy area. 

And then loaded on the bus and that’s when it all started…

Flood post probably won’t be until Thurs when we are in hopefully a better wifi zone 🙂


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