Four Minutes Thirty-Three Seconds

IMG_4099Monday morning, Judy Coates Perez introduced me to 4’33”.  Being the fantastic teacher she is, Judy told me about the history (Google John Cage 4’33”), the performance, and introduced me to the iPhone App!  She brought up a couple of the recordings she made while teaching in Australia, which my bird thought was great stuff.

It was a beautiful morning, we went out on the deck, and she put her phone down to record the sounds of beautiful Douglas County.  The birds were chirping away and we even witnessed a Bald Eagle and Hawk have a little show-down over territory.

Judy is incredibly inspiring.  In fact, I decided Tuesday morning that instead of walking around Newport Landing, to go to the smaller, Prairie View Lake and take in the sounds.  There were a few morning fishermen out and I caught a blue heron taking off.  Most of the usual suspects, robins, sparrows and blackbirds were hanging out.  As I made it around closer to the parking lot, the Geese and their families were getting in their breakfast and exercise.

In addition to catching these cuties on digital film, I took some time to walk very slowly so they would let me get closer shots.  I even found this one little guy who will be an artist someday  (maybe build a new kinda nest?) – clearly an outta the box kinda goose!


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