Ears, Noses, Wings and Wild Mating Rituals

What a beautiful day to visit the zoo!  This time of year it’s really important to go later in the day, there are so many school field trips.  Of course, sometimes there are benefits.  I was able to listen to one of the trainers who works with the elephants talk to a group of kindergartners.  Did you know elephants don’t run?  But they can WALK 30 MPH!  I also found out some top “secret” information – elephant training happens just before lunch (11-11:30ish) and dinner (4-4:30ish) – a great time to see these magnificent animals show off their brain power while the trainers evaluate their health (yes, that is why animals in captivity have training).

I found 3 different size elephants outside.  This one was the smallest.  And there were two inside playing.  I guess there are some males hanging out privately; they haven’t been introduced to the ladies yet.

Then I wandered back up the hill to visit these long-necked friends.  Most stand taller than the gutter on the building.  They were too quick for my thumb to catch them above the fence though.  Okay, so is it just me, or do giraffes have really small heads?


Next I wandered into the Butterfly Pavilion. I found this beautiful blue guy suntanning.  Hiding in the shrubbery was this green “chicken”.

Well, as the title of this blog post suggests, I found a couple engaged in what appeared to be unsafe sex!  See for yourself…

Who knew what I would see at the Zoo???


One response to “Ears, Noses, Wings and Wild Mating Rituals

  1. squareonebeads

    Giraffes need small heads to fit between tree branches so they can reach the leaves.

    The butterflies remind me of a trip to the zoo where there was a crowd watching two tortoises mating. While we were watching the male mount the female a little voice from the front of the crowd pipes up, “Why doesn’t he just go around?”

    Strangely, no one answered her question. LOL

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