Going Glass

This week I’m exploring turning art quilts into glass quilts.  I took a class a couple years ago, but have not had a chance to put into practice what I learned.

There’s quite a bit to the process – learning how to mix my own mold material (I get to use a power drill!!) making sure all the edges are secure to avoid weird bubbles, and decorating the mold with the colors needed to highlight the quilting.

IMG_3920Safety First!  No need to breath this stuff in or get it in my eyes.  So I’m donning a very fashionable mask and glasses today in the studio.

Yesterday I prepared the quilt surface (which was treated last week with Stiffy) by securing it with hot glue.  I forgot to take pictures of that process.  Needless to say, the quilt piece is useless as a piece of fabric, but potentially reusable.

Then I built walls around the piece to hold in the mold material.  Today after mixing the material, I poured and waited for it to settle and cure to a point where I could pull out the quilt.


Not terribly pretty, but at this stage that’s not what I’m going for.  I’m just hopeful I left enough room around the art quilt to make the mold strong enough for the casting stage.

After about 1/2 hour, the material was ready to monkey with.  I pulled off the sides, and carefully pulled the quilt off of the styro base it was glued to.  And VOILA!  A mold of an art quilt:


Interesting how the color from the red material leeched into the mold mix!  At this point I can add the glass and pop it into the kiln.  But the kiln has a plate in it, so I’m not in a big rush.  I’ll start filling in the glass this afternoon and maybe tomorrow I can cast it.

Stay tuned, cross your fingers!


2 responses to “Going Glass

  1. Me likee, Dori!! Keep the information coming. It looks tres cool and I’m fascinated even though the finished product isn’t fabric.

  2. rosenbergelena

    A very cool ‘before’, Dori. Staying tuned for the ‘after’. I wonder, would it be possible to transfer stitch lines into the mold & glass somehow?

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