DaVinci, part 2

IMG_3818Last week I posted about DaVinci, the dog who is lending his image to become an art quilt for the Nebraska Humane Society Black Tie and Tails auction.  After getting his image sketched and blown up to what might be life size, I then started on the next part of my process – cutting out fabrics.

This is almost cartoon-like.  I approach the fabrics by looking for light and dark areas in the original picture.  With DaVinci, this was a bit harder because the original photo does not have a lot of contrast.

With the background having strong reds and browns, I am choosing to make DaVinci mostly greens and blues with purple as an accent color.

After all of the pieces are cut out, then I work on laying them out in the same placement as the paper image.  I prepared the fabric with Steam-a-Seam, and once I’m satisfied with placement, I peel the backing off and iron the pieces in place.

Tonight I finished off all of the fabric sections (I say that now, I’ll probably make some additions later) by complimenting the bold cartoon-like pieces with thin “hair” pieces on top.  If you look closely, you’ll notice I used artistic license on DaVinci’s moustache. He’s now a Salvadore Doggie…

The next few days I will spend thread painting all of DaVinci’s features to make him pop off the background.  Stay tuned!


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