DaVinci, in stitches

Making some great progress on DaVinci Doggie.  Today I pinned the batting and started in on his schnoz…


Thanks to my friend Shea Wilkinson, my free-motion “quilting” skills allow me to thread paint pieces like DaVinci.  A few years back she held a class and gave us the basics – but it is really all about practice.  I keep thinking I need a better foot for the machine though, because it’s very hard for me to see where I’m going when I drive backwards.


Oh, doah, I didn’t realize this picture was so blurry.  It’s a little hard to see, but I started with the nose because it’s pretty much the center of the piece, allowing me to anchor the batting and fabric.  In person, his nose is smooth and puffy, although not cold and wet.

After the nose was finished, I started in on the fur around the nose.  I’m working to capture the lights and darks in DaVinci’s fur, and decided to continue on with the purple threads to add more interest.

IMG_3845Tomorrow, I’ll start with the moustache, and work my way up into to the top of his head and ear.  If it’s quiet at the studio, I think I can get all of DaVinci finished!


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