It’s been 16 months…

Holy Cow, where does time go?  It’s been 16 months since I last posted.

I’m just taking a quick moment to update you on Funky Dori activities for 2016.

  1.  Starting today, I’m going to blog more often, even weekly!  vna
  2. On February 21st,  I’ll be at Art & Soup for the VNA Fundraiser, over the next 6 weeks I’ll be working on new paintings for this event.  You’ll see regular photos of the work, hopefully to tempt you into joining me at the fundraiser.gsusa
  3. I’m working with 16 or so sessions of Girl Scouts for artVenture on April 2nd.  I’ll post pictures here and there as we meet and create.  This will conclude the end of February.
  4. I’m cleaning out my art supplies and encouraging others to do the same.  In March, we’ll have a “garage” sale at Smiling Turtle in hopes of finding new homes for the supplies!ocilogo
  5. In April, I’m teaching my last class for 2016 through Omaha Creative Institute.  It’s Mixed Media with a huge twist.  You can only register through OCI – be sure to check it out.
  6. In May/June, Erin and I are heading to France and England.
  7. July will most likely bring a Family Reunion trip to somewhere.
  8. August through December I’ll be working on new ornaments.
  9. And in December, I plan to attend Aksarben Holiday Market with those ornaments!

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