Been a Busy Summer!

Hello World!  This is my first post in 2 whole months.  Happy Labor Day!

So what’s been going on this summer?  A lot of gallery work and not as much Funky Dori work as I’d have wished.  Although the creative team has come together on a few occasions to work on the next Village Pointe installation -yes we will be covering Peggy’s sculpture again.  This time, it will be less of a quilt, more like a big afgan.

We’re keeping the details on the down low, but it’s going to be a very warm covering, and hopefully when the installation is taken down we can use the pieces to finish blankets to donate to local shelters.

IMG_0933 I’ve also been playing with a new medium – ink, alcohol ink to be specific.  I have found more of my creative time with that than fabric or glass.  It’s like the best of both worlds – tons of texture, and lots of gloss and “melting”.  IMG_0935

I’m currently working on pieces for two themed shows, Ancestral Connections, which is with the Omaha Artists Inc and will be at the Hot Shops in November.  The other is Architexture, with the Nebraska SAQA, and will travel to various galleries in Nebraska throughout 2015 and 2016.

Soon, I’ll have several pieces going to Columbus for a show with fellow artists, Shea Wilkinson and Jane Marie.  Opening Reception will be Sunday Sept 28th from 2-4 at the Columbus Art Gallery.  I hope some of you can make it to the reception!  If not,  the show will run until November 15th.


1 thought on “Been a Busy Summer!”

  1. Wow! It is great to “hear” from you again. The last 2 months went by fast in my corner of the world too, but, I think your life sounds a lot more interesting! The Columbus Opening sounds like something I would really enjoy. I am going to “pencil it in” now!

    Thank you for doing what you do Dori!

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