All about the Install

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When I started on this project, I had immediately asked other fiber artists if they wanted to help.  I was very lucky to have Missy and Diane jump in.  Diane provided a lot of moral support and whipped up fish and sharks lickity-split.  Missy and I spent hours working on placement, sewing and Missy did most of the painting to highlight the fish and make them appear more realistic and dimensional.

A broken serger and 110 hours later we were at installation day!  The high temp for the day – 18!  We did some last minute preparations, grabbed Sophie, our intern, and headed for a warm lunch.

After lunch we met Becky from OCI and Kim from Village Pointe.  We unloaded and started in on covering the arms of the sculpture.  It wasn’t 18 yet.

I bravely stood on the top of the step ladder to reach as high as possible and pull the seaweed covers and Jellyfish down.  Then inside to warm up.

After several trips like that we made it to the 4th arm, and had to rethink our “engineering”.  Between Missy and I, we came up with a plan.  This time Missy stepped up to the top and with some effort, we did it!

The next phase was to secure the underwater duvet to the base.  This worked pretty well, and needed just a few minor adjustments.  Then we finished it off by anchoring the octopus to the seaweed and adding some knitted water nets to the top!

We drove by last night, the lights shining up from the base make this a very fun and interesting site in the middle of Village Pointe.


One response to “All about the Install

  1. That is a huge accomplishment! It must have been a challenge to “dress” the sculpture in the weather and to “fit” it while on a ladder. Nice work Dori and friends!

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