Aquarium at the Pointe


Pictured above: JellyBelly Test.  I did a test run to see if a Jellyfish could be mounted on a metal arm 15′ above the ground.  Yes, it can.

Install Date: Tuesday, February 25th.

When I first saw the sculpture, “Reaching Village Pointe” by Peggy Ritschel, I immediately saw tentacles and/or seaweed emerging from the base.  Knowing the project was to lift spirits on dreary winter days, and the installation would occur near Dr. Suess’ birthday, I was immediately drawn to create something bright, perhaps bold, and definitely whimsical.  I put the word out to members in our Cottonwood Quilt Guild small group, Funtastic Fibers, looking for materials and assistance in creating the project.  

Several members brought fabrics and yarns, one sent information on “arm knitting” for the netting, and a two agreed to help in the studio.  Many of the donated fabrics have been dyed or painted to create the colors we needed.  Missy Merriman, a quilter and pattern designer, collaborated on layout, colors and painting.  Diane Ostdiek, a long-time fine artist and quilter, joined Missy and I in cutting, sewing, quilting and stuffing all of the sea creatures found swimming, sitting and seemingly flying in our underwater world.

Why an underwater world?  Going back to Dr. Suess, none of us could get “One Fish, Two Fish” out of our heads.  We enjoyed the challenge of creating fabric sea creatures that resembled their real-life counterparts, yet had a whimsical quality about them. 


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