Muse under Pressure

Oh where or where has my little Muse gone… oh where or where can she be?

Maybe it’s the countdown to Christmas (Festivus looks better and better each year), or lack of Egg Nog, but I seem to have lost my Muse.  I wandered into the studio today and did what? Cleaning.  Yeah, what on earth is that about?  Granted it needed doing, but so did the planned Christmas presents.

Then, I looked at what I needed and decided that instead I should try to take some photos for a B&W ad.  Of course I discovered the camera was missing the memory card (later to be found in my purse, yeah seriously), so did a few sets with just the iPhone to see if it might work.

Finally, I made it back to “what do I need” and strolled through JoAnn’s, touching all the clearance areas, meandering in the aisles aimlessly.  I did find fabric that would work (did work, past tense, the project did get finished).

Wool Backpack, Houndstooth and Berry.

Wool Backpack, Houndstooth and Berry.

I also discovered some really great fabric that I had all I could do to leave behind, but time was of the essence, and then there was the magazine section…

So this got me thinking… If I’m going to find my Muse, I should probably be a little more proactive and not just sit around waiting for her to come back.

I’ve been sitting in on Xanadu Gallery‘s mentorship as a voyeur, and one of the activities Jason advocates is NOT starting the day out on the computer, but rather creating first.  Given how today landed, I’m certain that Jason’s suggestion is pure genius, and will be giving it a try starting Tuesday (that’d be tomorrow, but Tuesday sounded more official).

I’ll report back after my Muse returns.



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