‘Tis the Season

… to be busy

I haven’t had a great deal of creative time, so yesterday and today I spent about 8 hours total at the torch.  The beads and buttons are in the kiln, and they’re just the beginning.

I’m ramping up for December.  Why?  Kelli Sweet (Degrees) and I are the featured artists of the month at Smiling Turtle.  Seemed like a good time to highlight our work since most of what we make would be wonderful gifts to give, or keep for oneself.  Kelli makes a lot of fun, funky, chunky jewelry.  She does paint and sew too.  I’ll be working on some larger pieces for the show, time permitting, as well as new art purses.  I have a lot of silk scarves dyed, but have found that painting them is a great challenge, and quite rewarding.  I think part of the interest for me is that it’s a task I must stand at!

Sorry, no new photos today, but in days coming I’ll post more.

PS.  Save December 7th – 6-9pm is our Opening Reception… good food, friends, fun, and funky Bohemian Chic art and accessories.



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