Time Flies!

Well it’s certainly been awhile since I’ve posted, July 19th.

Since then, Smiling Turtle Art Spot has opened, the first show, Turtles! as Totems is hung, and the opening reception is just around the corner – Sept 7th.

Managing Smiling Turtle has left me with very little Funky Dori time while I work to get all of the “systems” in place. Those of you who know me, know I work out of the organized side of my brain most of the time, and no difference in running a gallery – we even have bar codes for most of the items on consignment.

Anyway – I bet you all are wondering what I have done creatively?

"Bug"8x10inspired by Billy Joel's "She's Got a Way"


inspired by Billy Joel’s “She’s Got a Way”

The art piece above and a couple of commissioned purses.  Most of my creative energy has been spent hanging artwork or merchandising our display cases.

Great news for Silk Scarf lovers – Classes are now forming at Smiling Turtle!  The next class in September is scheduled for Saturday, September 14th from 10-noon.  Click here to Register & pay online to save a few dollars.

I had no idea when I started this adventure that I’d be surrounded by so many supportive creative people!  I’m very blessed to be meeting and working with so many wonderful artists, and to have such a wonderfully supportive husband (my plumber, carpenter, electrician, and chef on Wed and Thursdays when I work late).

Hope to see you soon!


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