with the End in mind

8 x 54" silk scarf

8 x 54″ silk scarf

Sometimes artists create with the end in mind.  Sometimes we just let the paint flow.  And sometimes, it’s a little of both.

I’ve been fortunate to teach “silk scarf painting” to many folks in the Omaha-Metro.  One of the things I like best about the class is that participants play with color combinations, patterns, and even the thickness of the “paint”.  The creativity that occurs during the class is contagious!  One person tries this, others notice and include it in their own design, and it goes around that way.


Bright Blocks silk scarf

For some, the hardest part is that the end result is not usually what is expected.  Red turns pink, green fades to yellow, and sharp lines disappear.  But it’s ok.  As humans, we like to control things. And, something as simple as a silk scarf can remind us that we aren’t in control of everything.

“Silk Scarf Painting” classes last about 2 hours. Each participant requires about 2 feet by 6 feet of table space.  If you have a space big enough for you and a handful of friends, we can hold a Girls Night In.  I’ll bring all the supplies, even table covers.  Call or email today to schedule a Girls Night In.

Pastel Flowers silk scarf

Pastel Flowers silk scarf

-Or- sign up for classes as they are offered.  The next class will be in Fremont at the Gallery 92 West, Tuesday April 9th.  Details will be on their website soon!

Aside: Matilda, my dress form has clearly been working out more than me… maybe someday she and I can share clothes!  Until then, I’m thankful she’s a wonderfully cooperative model!

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