Little Fishies – They’re BACK!

Mandarin Fish I6"x6", cotton, silk and glass

Mandarin Fish I
6″x6″, cotton, silk and glass

I can already see that these fish are my next step in the Little Fishies Series.  They present quite a challenge – unique lips and eyes, and tons of vibrant colors.

I’m sure the question on everyone’s mind is “Why Fish?”  Why Not?  But Seriously…

Fish, like birds, are full of texture.  Their environment is full of texture, and can be built up dimensionally (although this particular piece is not) using layers, threads and other materials.  Some believe fish, particularly goldfish, attract wealth and prosperity as well as protect the residents of a household from negative energy.  Not everyone has the time or skill to care for an aquarium, but everyone can hang a Little Fishie in their home!


One response to “Little Fishies – They’re BACK!

  1. Your ‘Fishies’ are beautiful. I could not agree more about, ‘Why Fish’. I have one in my family room and it adds an interesting touch. Fish are a little mysterious in my opinion. They are just enough ‘different from us’ to make them inspire wonder.

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